Discover charming Lake Stevens, WA

November 6, 2018

Nestled against the backdrop of the soaring Cascade Mountains, the city of Lake Stevens is anchored by a gorgeous 1,000 acre lake and has much to offer in the form of recreation, relaxation and quality of life. You’ll have no problem finding something new to explore within this vibrant community.

With the lake itself as the city’s centerpiece, Lake Stevens is home to no less than 17 parks and recreation areas including Centennial Woods, North Lakeshore Swimming Beach and Lake Stevens Disc Golf. As part of the 17-mile long Centennial Trail that connects the towns of Snohomish and Arlington, Centennial Woods spans 6.5 acres. Thick with hemlock, ferns, maple and cedar, the gravel trails that wind through Centennial Woods are perfect for scenic viewing.

If a sandy beach and the shimmering lake waters are what your family craves, head out to one of the many swimming beaches that dot the shores of Lake Stevens. North Lakeshore Swimming Beach, a popular spot, offers a small sandy beach and easy access to the lake during the warmer months. Amenities include a swimming dock, public parking and year-round views of both the Cascade Mountains and Lake Stevens.

Enjoy beautiful surroundings at the 18-hole Lake Stevens Disc Golf course. Located in Catherine Creek Park, this course offers a mixture of flat terrain and trees that soar 150 feet high. It’s also home to picnic facilities set in a grassy meadow and a network of trails.

Lake Stevens is known for its diverse landscape, but it’s dining scene is not to be overlooked. Rich in history and tradition, Lake Stevens offers delicious food for every taste. Grab the family and head to a longtime Lake Stevens’ favorite: Contos Pizza & Pasta. Have a seat in the old-fashioned dining room before embarking on a delightful meal of authentic Italian thick-crust pizza, homemade pasta dishes and delicious desserts. If a brunch of seasonal cuisine is your favorite meal of the day, then LJ’s Bistro and Bar is the place for you. In the evening, this popular eatery provides delightful outdoor seating that’s perfect for happy hour or dinner with out of town guests. Whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s not far to find a quality dining experience.

Delve into the history of Lake Stevens by visiting the honored Lake Stevens Museum. Open Friday and Saturday afternoons, the museum is the perfect way to learn about the unique history of the city. The historical documents, displays and photos that make up the museum’s galleries provide a glimpse of the rich history of the area. While you’re there, don’t forget to make a trip to the Grimm House. Located next door to the Lake Stevens Museum, the Grimm House is a historically-accurate and painstakingly-restored mill home circa the 1920’s.

Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming, or an autumn walk through town, Lake Stevens offers an ideal place to live for every taste. When are you going to make this charming city your home? Discover your possibilities at Lakeview Highlands!

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