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Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

December 14, 2018

Decorating for the holidays provides a great opportunity to unleash your creativity! Enjoy the season with your own personal touch. Whether you prefer to go homemade or like to pull together an eclectic mix of decor, these tips are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Spread Your Theme Throughout Your Space

Selecting items as the focal point for your holiday decorations is a great starting point, but many people stop their decor at their entryway. While this may be the biggest display of holiday cheer, scattering small touches throughout your home is a great way to tie everything together. Look for little nooks throughout your home that could benefit from a Christmassy addition and take advantage of frequently forgotten spaces like above the kitchen cabinets and in bathrooms.

Keep It Neutral

White, gold and neutral tones don’t have to be boring! You can create a classy and chic space by combining different shades and textures. Pair vanilla, cream and champagne hues with gold accents to really make the theme pop. This soft inviting look creates a warm and festive atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy and relax in.

Choose an Accent Color

Create a wintery wonderland by making your primary color white; then add in little accents of red, blue or brilliant green. You may be surprised to see how far a pop of color can go to transform a space. Combing colors is fun too! Blue and silver or red and gold ornaments can really make a statement. Want to warm up your tree? Try additional mini bulbs -As more modern LED lights are cooler in color and provide a blue tint on your tree and decorations, traditional mini bulbs provide a warmer glow.

Think Timeless

Timeless looks are in, with burlap being the color of the season and antique wooden sleighs adding a homey touch of fun, simple decorations from yesteryear are still spreading holiday cheer today. Plan a festive outing to check out local antique stores for inspiration.

DIY Projects

Looking to save money or just enjoy being creative? Making your own decorations doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Browse your local thrift store to find that special something you can add your personal touch to; it’s surprising how a simple bow or fresh coat of paint can give new life to an item. Let your surroundings inspire – create a beautiful centerpiece with fresh sprigs of evergreen pine cones and a festive red ribbon. If you’re finding it hard to create a project, a quick look on Pinterest or Etsy is sure to provide inspiration – You’ll find hundreds of great ideas and projects to round out your holiday decor.

No matter how you decide to decorate for the holiday season, what’s important is that you’re creating a warm and welcoming space for your family and friends to enjoy throughout the season.

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