Benefits of Living Near a Park – Marysville Edition

April 12, 2019

Many factors are important when looking for your perfect home. Proximity to outdoor amenities is often overlooked during your search, but living near parks/trails offer benefits that greatly improve your quality of life. Parks found near your home provide convenient and fun ways to increase physical fitness, reduce stress, spend time with loved ones and move along a path of healthy living. Below are 4 benefits of living near a park.

  1. It’s easy to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle

Living near a park makes it simple to start or maintain a lifestyle that focuses on being active and healthy. Whether you’re looking for a way to actively exercise on a regular basis or you need a safe outlet for your kids’ boisterous energy, a neighborhood park provides an array of different equipment and amenities that cater to all.

  1. It’s free, low-key entertainment

Few things in life today are free, but your local neighborhood park is a gem that is just that. All it takes is a water bottle, a few snacks and a good pair of sneakers, and you’re all set for a fun, free outing that’s close to home.

  1. It’s a great place for the community to gather

Whether your focus is squarely on staying healthy, you want place to enjoy nature or your kids need the outdoor time, chances are you’ll find people who fall into those categories at your local park. As an added bonus, many of them will live nearby, making it easy to coordinate future gatherings with your new friends.

  1. You’ll be happier

There’s a large body of research that shows a beneficial connection between happiness and access to green spaces. A study of more than 10,000 people found that those who live near parks displayed greater levels of well being and reduced levels of stress than those who don’t.

Here are a few parks that are conveniently located near Cornerstone Homes’ neighborhoods; Sunnyside Heights, North Grove Estates & Caleb’s Park

This scenic 3.2-mile (round trip) trail begins across the street from Ebey Waterfront Park & follows the Ebey Slough and Qwuloolt Marsh. Ebey Park offers a wide variety of options for families with kids and canines! With waterfront access, playground, picnic areas and a boat launch, you’re sure to find something for everyone in the family.

This 11.5-acre park is outfitted with playground, basketball court, picnic tables, plenty of grassy space for activities and waterfront trails. This park even connects to Ebey waterfront trail giving you endless possibilities of fun.

With 30 acres of playgrounds, ball fields, picnic areas, trails & more this park is one of Marysville’s best! Some features of this diverse park include a unique dinosaur playground, Historical Museum, and fishing pond.

With warmer weather just around the corner, don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful outdoors! No one regrets a nice walk in the park.

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