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Benefits of Living Near a Park

April 7, 2017

Finding the perfect home isn’t just about locating a fantastic neighborhood. The amenities found near your home can make it a community that offers convenient and fun ways to enjoy the outdoors and bond with your family. Here are just four of the many benefits of living near a park:

  1. It’s easy to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle

Living near a park makes it simple to start or maintain a lifestyle that focuses on being active and healthy. Whether you’re looking for a way to actively exercise on a regular basis or you need a safe outlet for your kids’ boisterous energy, a neighborhood park provides an array of different equipment and amenities that cater to all.

  1. It’s free, low-key entertainment

Few things in life today are free, but your local neighborhood park is a gem that is just that. All it takes is a water bottle, a few snacks and a good pair of sneakers, and you’re all set for a fun, free outing that’s close to home.

  1. It’s a great place for the community to gather

Whether your focus is squarely on staying healthy, you want place to enjoy nature or your kids need the outdoor time, chances are you’ll find people who fall into those categories at your local park. As an added bonus, many of them will live nearby, making it easy to coordinate future gatherings with your new friends.

  1. You’ll be happier

There’s a large body of research that shows a beneficial connection between happiness and access to green spaces. A study of more than 10,000 people found that those who live near parks displayed greater levels of well being and reduced levels of stress than those who don’t.

Here are a few parks that are conveniently located near Cornerstone Homes’ neighborhoods

This three-acre park, located half a mile north (10 min walk) of Emory Court, packs a great deal for families with kids as well as those with canines! Waterfront access, well-maintained trails and a playground offer lots of room to enjoy active pursuits.

A 5 min drive from Emory Court, you’ll find Thornton A. Sullivan park. One of the best Silver Lake outdoor adventure spots. Spectacular views, waterfront access, trails, picnic area, fishing, playground and more! This sprawling 35-acre park offers something for everyone in your family.

A six minute walk from The Cool Place, Paine Field Community Park offers a playground, baseball/softball fields and a picnic shelter. A new zip line course is slated to open in April.

With warmer weather just around the corner, don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful outdoors! No one regrets a nice walk in the park.

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