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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy New in 2017

February 10, 2017

Consumers who are tired of paying rent, looking to upgrade from their existing home, or eyeing the market to buy for the first time should consider the benefits of purchasing a new home in Snohomish County in 2017. New homes offer substantial advantages over existing homes for potential home buyers that can last long into the future. While there are a variety of reasons, here are four top things that should be taken into consideration before making a decision.

1. Ability to Customize

The ability to customize your home is one of the most pivotal benefits of choosing new construction. From the floor plan to the lot, there are typically a number of different ways that homeowners can customize a new home to suit their needs and lifestyle. In most cases, homeowners can choose the color of their counter tops, laminate hardwood and vinyl as well as additional upgrade options like window coverings and appliances. These upgrades are all completed prior to their move-in date so their new home is just like they envisioned — right from the start.

2. No Surprises

New homes are less demanding of their owners’ time and money. Unlike existing homes, new construction has not been subjected to the wear and tear that is a natural part of daily living. A new home is truly in move-in-ready condition and won’t require a new roof or the replacement of worn carpeting. In addition, the building materials of today are significantly better at offering a long-lasting and low-maintenance profile than those available to the industry just a few years ago. Homeowners who buy a new home will also know exactly which materials are used in its construction.

3. Up-to-Date Building Codes

Building codes change frequently and rapidly as the industry researches and develops strategies, provisions and conditions that are designed to keep people safe. A new home needs to adhere to these new building codes so a homeowner can expect to be safer there than in an existing home. Because energy efficiency is an important focus of building codes, new construction will naturally be more efficient as it utilizes new materials and techniques to construct a tighter building envelope. This means homeowners will spend less money on utilities when compared to an existing home.

4. Warranty Included

It’s standard practice today for new home builders to provide a warranty for the work they performed. While the particulars can vary, in most instances a builder will provide a full warranty on new homes for at least the first year. Other components could be warranted for longer periods of time. This means that a home buyer can turn to their builder in the event that something unexpected breaks during that time period. While a potential homeowner might have a home inspection performed on an existing home, it is not a warranty. In fact, hidden defects in existing homes are often not discovered until years after the house is sold. Our homes are backed by the industry leading 2-10 Warranty. More about the 2-10 warranty here.


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