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10 Simple Ideas to Enrich Your Backyard Space

August 4, 2017

We’re sharing some simple DIY ideas that will add new life to your backyard space. Read on!

1. Lights
It may seem extremely simple, but adding lights to a backyard can quickly turn it into a magical getaway! Lanterns are easy to make out of tin cans. Simply poke some holes in them, and add a candle or an electronic light. You can also try stringing them around a fence, or wrap them around posts or trees for an immediate impact.

2. Hammock Seats
A swinging hammock adds a place to sit while offering a cozy place for relaxing on those warm summer evenings. Functionality and comfort don’t need to come with a hefty price tag!

3. Portable Fire Pit
Portable fire pits are a easy and convenient way to add warmth and ambiance to your backyard space. Many stores offer affordable options in different styles to fit your needs.

4. Bird Feeders
Feeding birds can not only add life to the backyard, but bird feeders themselves can also look really nice. An empty wine bottle can be emptied and turned upside-down for a quick place to hold bird feed. And, since this is a DIY project, the creativity is a part of the fun!

5. Gardens
Adding a garden to a backyard is great for patio decor, while providing you with a great new hobby. Of course, gardens don’t have to be just about vegetables or other foods. You can grow a flower garden to add color to the backyard, but be warned about the upkeep!

6. Mulch
A new bag doesn’t cost much, but, it adds a pop of color that’s essential for transforming a backyard’s look.

7. Pathways
Pathways look great, and they can be made from just about anything. Think of using stone, wood, or even gravel. Plus, pathways are also practical, helping us to keep off the beautiful grass.

8. Hang-ables
There’s a broad range of items that can be suspended to enhance your patio. It’s fairly easy to hang a plant in a basket. You know what’s even easier?
Wind chimes! And, it can be an entire DIY project that adds a unique look to your backyard.

9. Painting
Probably the easiest way to change patio decor, paint can breathe new life into old furniture.

10. Shelves
Simple shelves can be built with ease, and if you add a little paint, you can match the outdoor furniture! Shelves offer style and functionality. They’re great for housing small plants or flowers for some visual appeal.

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